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One of the leading characteristics of the modern world is Stress – so much so that even young children talk about being stressed!

Stress can take many forms and have many causes – not just the Emotional Stress of work or relationships, but also the Physical Stresses of poor sleep, poor nutrition, pollution, or insufficient exercise. When these accumulated Stresses build up in our lives and in our bodies it can have severe consequences far beyond the individual stresses themselves.

Experts now agree that Stress is a major contributory factor in most of the leading illnesses in the western world, including the four leading causes of death – heart disease, cancer, strokes, & diabetes, also contributing to many of the allergy & breathing problems, energy deficiency conditions, and mental disorders that people are now increasingly experiencing.

To put these issues in perspective, half of men and one third of women in the UK will develop heart disease, while as many as one third of the population will develop cancer. Although some people recognise this issue in the abstract, few really understand the severity and potential impact on our lives.

Recent studies have started to quantify exactly how powerful Stress can be on our lives, identifying that a stressful work environment can double the risk of death from heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions, while the latest report from the “Whitehall II” study, recently published in the “Archive of Internal Medicine” (24 October 2005), which is a landmark health study of UK Civil Servants over more than 20 years, identifies that simply experiencing issues of stressful relationships and perceptions of injustice within the workplace can increase the risks by 50% alone.

Drawing on the work of Gina Lazenby in her book “The Healthy Home” (Conran Octopus 2000) the effects of stress on the body can be likened to a Water Barrel.

Think of the water inside the barrel as the level of stress that gradually fills up from the different pipes pouring into it – “The Seven Stressors”.

When the level reaches the top and starts over-flowing, that represents us becoming ill. The lower the level in the barrel, the healthier we are. What we have to do, to keep in balance, is to reduce the stress coming into the barrel and turn on the tap to release the stress from the bottom of the barrel – “The De-Stressors”.

Through a portfolio of innovative and patented technologies, Nikken has developed the Wellness Home – or Wellness Office – as a sanctuary from the stresses of the modern world, a place where we can recover from the stresses of the day, where we can apply effective De-Stressors to our Sleep and Relaxation, to our Environment, to our Fitness, and to our Nutrition, to put us on the path to vitality and the ability to live life to the full.



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