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Air Wellness™ Power5 Pro – a surprising fact is that the interiors of our homes can be many times more polluted that the outside, even in centre-city locations. Modern construction, lifestyle, energy-saving techniques, and cleaning materials all combine to create a potentially stressful environment for our bodies in our own homes and offices.

Nikken’s Air Wellness™ Power5 Pro™ Filter System combines 5 different technologies of cleaning and filtration, cleaning air to Hospital Operating Theatre standard – down to the level of airborne bacteria. It also incorporates a patented pollution-free negative ion generator, and an aromatherapy facility. The unit has received the highest seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation.

Read more: Nikken’s PiMag® Water Systems by Eric & Dalia Hartman Bergsagel.


Sleep System - The most important in one's life. Click here for information about Nikken Sleep System.
Sample Sleep Trial Benchmark Comparisons.


Negative Ion Technologythe benefits of environments which are rich in negative ions have been known for many years – natural environments such as Forests, Beaches, and Waterfalls, are rich in negative ions, which contribute to their “feel-good” factor; the world’s famous “angry winds” such as the Mistral in France; the Santa Ana in California; the Chinook of Western Canada; the Sirocco winds in Italy; and the Foehn in Switzerland are all characterised by high levels of positive ions, as indeed are highly trafficked city centres.


Nikken brings three innovations to Negative Ion Technology – a natural passive technology for sleep and clothing/joint supports which requires no external electricity or power; a unique and patented non-polluting air generation technology, built into the Air Wellness™ Power5 Pro system for high-volume conditioning of the ambient air; and an exciting new negative ion Cooking Technique, cooking in negative ions for healthier, more nutritious, and better tasting food!


CardioStride® Technology in keeping with the concepts of integrating wellness into our daily lives, Nikken has created a range of specially-designed trainers, weighing up to 1.2kg, which enable people to experience effective calorie-burning, cardio-vascular, exercise while going about their normal lives.


Nutrition – unique, specialist, & natural wholefood supplements incl.

– Ciaga™ – a unique blend of pomegranate juice, fruit nectars, and aloe, with the highest ORAC anti-oxidant rating.

– Jade Greenzymes® – a world-leading, high anti-oxidant, and nutritionally complete cold-processed extract from young barley shoots.

– Lactoferrin Gold 1.8 – a unique pro-biotic, promoting intestinal health and improved digestion, designed for highest purity and activity, in partnership with leading researcher Prof Narain Naidoo.


Skincare As the largest organ in your body, the skin is not just a protective barrier against the elements; it is a shield against harmful diseases and regulates body temperature and blood pressure. With Nikken’s usual technical skill, Nikken has created a complete skincare solution, Seisho™, which is a pH-balanced natural herbal skincare programme with active, natural botanicals, for daily skin nutrition and to help protect against the premature aging effects of our modern, polluted, world.


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