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When we look at the way in which the modern world creates stress, and the physical consequences of stress, there are a number of common challenges:

Modern Society
• Time Demands
• Financial Pressures
• Industrialised Food
• Poor quality Sleep
• Inactive Lifestyle
• Environmental Pollution

 Consequences for People
• Work-Life Imbalance
• Stress Reactions
• Dietary Concerns
• Reduced Performance
• Low Vitality & Energy
• Environmental Stress on the Body

Most people know what steps are needed to live a healthier life - four foundation areas for improved health would be a clean Environment (primarily air, internal & external, and water), balanced Nutrition, appropriate Exercise, and good quality Sleep, while restructuring our work and income can help with time and financial pressures. However for most people there are also barriers that get in the way of change – existing habits; and not being aware of appropriate solutions that will realistically fit in to our lifestyles. How many gyms are full after the latest New Year resolutions, and empty a few months later!

Nikken’s key understanding is to offer wellness technologies which we can adopt into our lives without first having to change our habits. We can receive the benefits by sleeping in our own bed, wearing our own shoes, sitting on our own seats, drinking fresh spring-like water and breathing clean air in our homes and offices, and benefiting from natural wholefood nutrition.

Nikken offers innovative technologies in nine major areas:

KenkoDream® Sleep Technology – exclusive world-wide endorsement by the World Federation of Chiropractic.

Kenko Magnetic Technology – the original patented technological foundation for Nikken

KenkoTherm® Far-Infrared Technology – passive ceramic technology (and thus without specialized Far Infrared machines.)

PiMag® Water Technology – fresh spring-like water in your own home, Water Quality Association Gold Seal.

Air Wellness™ Power5 Pro™ Air Filtration Technology – hospital operating theatre quality air, anti-bacterial and even anti-viral, with the highest seal of approval by the British Allergy Foundation.

Negative Ion Technology – passive technology for sleep and joints, and patented non-polluting air generation.  - unique new Negative-Ion Cookware for healthier and more nutritious cooking.

CardioStride® Technology – enabling cardiovascular exercise to be naturally integrated into daily life

Unique nutritional supplements in association with Michio Kushi and other world-leading experts and research including:
- Jade Greenzymes® in partnership with Prof Yoshihide Hagiwara
- Lactoferrin in partnership with Prof Narain Naidoo

Seisho – a complete skincare system to protect the skin from premature aging in the modern world, combining scientifically-proven ingredients with a powerful concentration of active botanicals to give you what nature intended — healthy, radiant skin.

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