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A Leap of Faith

Julie Tara

It is interesting to notice how in challenging economic times, the human tendency is to contract in fear, when often, expansion into trust and faith is what’s required. My story of personal economic challenge in 1995 is very relevant in today’s world, so I would like to share a little of it now, as perhaps you could give people hope through this story.

In the early 1990’s, my business partners and I had a large healing center in the Rocky Mountains. It was going well, but when the Gulf War started, the economic climate changed quickly, and investment dried up overnight. Suddenly, we were highly undercapitalized with an enormous overhead. It didn’t take long before we had to close the doors on our business, losing our personal finances in the process. My family was responsible for supporting six children, and we were limping along, going from bad to worse. It got to the point where we were three months late in rent, and every bill we had was overdue. I was working as an energy healer and as an advertising manager for a holistic health magazine, in addition to raising my three children, and picking up extra work wherever I could (generally cleaning houses). Finally, one day I broke down and cried. I prayed for a solution.

A gentle, quiet friend of mine suggested I take a look at Nikken, as she thought it was a possible answer for me. I had heard of Nikken twice before, but had ignored it entirely. I was not interested in magnets, nor in network marketing, but as her friend, I dutifully went to a wellness preview. It was in that presentation that two startling things happened. First, I had a powerful experience with a magnetic product on my low back, which had been injured during my professional ballet career. The agony was relieved in about ten minutes. This caught my attention, because I knew I didn’t want the products to work! After all, I was in the energy healing world, and if there were any efficacy in magnets for health, surely I would know about it. Yet here was this modality working on my body despite my disbelief. How inconvenient!

The second thing that happened was that the presenter, Reid Nelson, spoke of having a bankruptcy and transforming his life through building a Nikken business. I left the meeting, and took a long walk in the snow, and asked God “is this what you’re showing me?” and the answer in my heart was “Yes.” Then I asked, “If I do this, can I be successful?” and the answer was, “Yes.” At that point, I decided unequivocally that I would create a worldwide business and be a Royal Diamond. Our family needed a miracle, and I knew this was it. There was no going back.

I did not have $90 to buy the Back Flex, though it had radically helped my back. I did not have the money to join as a consultant. I had no credit cards and no savings in the bank. What to do? I felt that God would not tease me with such an opportunity and not give me a way to start. I listened for guidance and inspiration. A few days later, I went to two people, and told them I was going to build a multi-million dollar business with these technologies from Japan that no one had and everyone needed. I asked them if they could help me with a small amount of seed capital, and that I would pay them back as soon as possible. I gathered together $3,500. Our rent was $1,275 per month, and we were three months late. Here I was with $3,500 in my hands. My logical self said to pay the rent. But I knew if I did that, I would be in the same position again, with too much month and not enough money. Nothing would change. I knew I had to take a new path in order to create a different future, one of success and victory instead of loss and despair, so I took a leap of faith. I put all the money into buying Nikken products and attending the Humans Being More training.

My life transformed almost overnight. I made that seed money back in three months, and started making $2,000 a month in income. Paying the money back to those two gracious people was extremely satisfying to me (and probably to them too)! Within six months, I was making about $5,000 a month. By the end of the year, about $8,000 a month. At this point, I felt it was time to give up my other businesses and focus first on my family, and secondly on my Nikken business. With more focus, I was able to double my income by the following year. I have never looked back since.

This is such a rewarding business in so many ways. Please let people know they can transform their financial wellbeing within a short amount of time if their intention is clear, their heart is true, and they are willing to share this gift with others.


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