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From the files of Dr. John Jackson in Santa Cruz, California, come the
following case histories.  All involve recent real life experiences with
the use of Nikken's Power-Mag.

1. Marilyn makes her home in Aptos, California.  Last year she discovered
a lump in her breast.  On ultrasound the cyst measured 2.5 centimeters.
Marilyn's healthcare provider made referral to a surgeon.  Due to the
cyst's size, aspiration and even excision came up for consideration. Four
months ago 3 minis were placed around the lump 12 hours each day and
Nikken's Power-Mag was used frequently.  Last week on reevaluation… the
mass could not be detected.

2. Gene resides in Monterey, California.  He suffered more than a year
with foot discomfort.  His podiatrist diagnosed a Morton's neuroma.
Special exercises and form-fitted footwear failed to help.  The
aggravating foot condition interfered with daily activities.
Corticosteroid injection and surgery were offered.  Gene was quite
reluctant.  Still he later expressed considerable skepticism when offered
30 minutes of treatment with a Power-Mag.  Soon after the biaxial rotation
magnetic device was placed next to his foot he fell asleep.  The next day,
walking around a large shopping mall, he sheepishly confessed that he felt
no foot discomfort whatsoever.

3. My wife, Annette, I live in Santa Cruz, California.  She has an
extensive history of dental problems.  The last time sensitivity to
temperature changes reappeared in a tooth, she determined to take matters
into her own hands and avoid yet another root canal.  Power-Mag usage was
tried for 10 minutes both sides of the jaw each night.  In less than a
month temperature sensitivity ceased.  At her next dental visit, the
hygienist measured the gums and found 10 out of 12 areas markedly

4. Mrs. Huh, an 81 year old South Korean immigrant, is now from Los
Angeles, California.  She had been bothered by distressing palpitations
for a long time.  Late last year her daughter
developed the same chest fluttering, sometimes more than 50 episodes per
day.  Sharing her mother's preference to avoid medications, the daughter
tried placing Nikken's Power-Mag over the heart 15 minutes at night.  From
that moment forward the palpitations quit.  Excitedly, she shared the
discovery with her mother.  Mrs. Huh used the same technique and obtained

5. Dr. Chong, a family practice physician, works in the east San Francisco
Bay Area.  Unsuccessful in getting pregnant she consulted specialists at
Stanford University.  An endometrial biopsy was obtained and the specimen
was reviewed by a world renowned expert at Johns Hopkins University.  Due
to antibodies formed against her own uterus, this extremely rare condition
was judged hopeless.  The specialists advised adoption.  Instead, Dr.
Chong  tried Nikken's Power-Mag, PiMag water, the sleep system and certain
nutritionals.  Within 1 month she became pregnant.  The baby was brought
to a recent product launch.

Medical records usually remain confidential and privileged material.  I
want to thank the individuals above for sharing their experiences, hoping
to help others.  In over 20 years as an internal medicine specialist I
have encountered nothing safer, simpler or more successful in securing
wellness than Nikken's life changing technologies.  "To share or not to
share?"  What an indefensible question!  As wellness consultants, it is
our moral obligation to share Nikken.
John Jackson, M.D.
February 1, 2006



I was having mild tooth pain. Yesterday morning, I went to the dentist at
9:30. I was diagnosed with a cracked tooth. (Don't chew un-popped popcorn
kernels!). I was told the crack was so deep that I needed a root canal. I
have not had even a cavity since I was 13, so this was ALL NEW TO ME.

Due to complications and VERY LONG & DEEP tooth roots (and pulp canals), I
was referred down the street to an endodondist. (Of course while I was
there, everyone who used my Power-Mag (I ALWAYS carry it w/ me) for their
problems (back pain, neck pain, sinus headache and carpal tunnel syndrome)
had a positive product result and I am going to go into both offices to
demonstrate more of the products... and get them fully educated about the
whole wellness home.

By 4:45... I was done. The endo told me that due to all of the "extra
work' he had to do (with excessive force), I would have quite a bit of
pain and swelling. I asked him if I could go to the Wellness Preview (that
night) and he said that I could, but take all of the meds he gave me....
"and do not drive."

Well..... Super-Minis and the Power-Mag were ALL I USED. I DROVE to the
preview without pain, without drugs and without swelling! People there
made me open my mouth to prove that I had a root canal.

I just wanted to share 2 points (see above and below) with you:

On a personal level:


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